Step by Step

  1. The school or municipality enters into a contract with the EMU, which covers both the financial cooperation and the data processing.

2. The school creates users and adds a list of students.

3. Once a term, pupils complete a questionnaire in school, during class time. Parents receive the questionnaires by email or SMS on their phone.

Students and parents do not need special access to EMU to complete the questionnaires

4. Together with a general description, at least one parent, the pupils themselves (from Year 7 onwards) and the class teacher will receive it in their EMU profile.

5. The results are used by the class teacher, school management, school support persons and the Education Authority to improve the educational environment in order to provide better learning opportunities for every student.

The EMU team meets with the school management and/or the Education Authority to discuss the school’s overall performance, potential risks, teachers’ needs and ways to improve the educational environment.

Before each step, we send reminders to all the parties involved, telling them exactly what to do.