Address: Akmeņu 21A, Rīga, LV-1048, Latvia

Social Entrepreneurship

EMU Skola Ltd. is a social enterprise registered in the Social Enterprise Register of the Ministry of Welfare. What does this mean? It means that EMU Skola Ltd’s aim is not to make a profit, as traditional companies do, but to solve a specific social problem or to benefit society at large. Social enterprise status means that not only are the company’s activities directed towards addressing a social need, but the company’s profits, if any, are channelled to this end. In some ways, a social enterprise can be compared to a non-profit organisation – it is active, but the profits are used to address a social need.

EMU Skola aims to act as an engine for social change by offering innovative solutions that help three target groups:

  • For children up to 19 years
  • For teachers, classroom teachers and teachers of kindergartens
  • Parents with children under 19